Writing things To Do

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-Work on your goddamn books!

-Query Letters and the like, research them too

-post writing exercises and creative /creative everyday stuff on new blog.

-read and write for at least 15 minutes every day


-please do some more creative just random written scenes that don’t necessarily belong to anything, and post them here or anywhere that you please.

Writing Writing Writing Update 1/12/11

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Well, it’s yet another year, and in a couple months I’ll be 22…How did that happen?
However, my post was not intended to be about my nerves, age, or paranoia of time slipping by faster than I can accomplish the things I want in life….

It was meant to be about how I spent today writing, and I am oh so displeased with it =( At the same time, I know that writing and reading a little everyday really helps, and that I’ll get back into this, to where I want to be.
Blaaaargh, optimism hurts sometimes. Anyways, I’ve been inspired by Hyperbole and a Half, one of the funniest online blogs ever, and I swear, my other half. I sincerely hope that when I one day meet my birth family, that one of them is this Allie Brosh!

*sigh* Apologizing…AGAIN…to myself…

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I have really not been good about keeping a blog. I mean, everything is unorganized and CRAZY, I haven’t finished moving stuff over from Myspace, Xanga, my old wordpress and any other crazy blog site….

On top of all that, there’s all the written material that I keep saying I’ll type up, that I have not.
On the Bright side of things (not sure why I capitalized “bright” but okay…) I have regained my inspiration to write my books again, and am actually putting in time to find out about literary agents, publishing, etc…

I also want to get my website up, I’m just not sure if I should do that on my own without an agent behind me, or if I should take the possible few years of getting an agent first… Hrmmmmmmm..
Besides, I’d need some serious help in getting the website to look the way I want it to, and in getting an audience.